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Welcome to the Star Traks: BorgSpace interactive page. Instead of merely consuming stories and information, in this corner of BorgSpace-o-centric view of the universe, you, the reader, get to participate as well. For your enjoyment, here you will find polls, quizzes, and hopefully a few other surprises in the future.

Quizzes and Related Stuffs

The BorgSpace Personality Test. Find out which Cube #347 drone you are!

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The original quiz cgi-script was provided long, long ago by Star Traks: BorgSpace reader Satya, the email of which is probably long dead. If you are interested in the highly modified script, please ask the BorgSpace author. The code probably looks funny - she has entirely self-taught herself php, javascript, and so forth - but it somehow still works (more or less).


Click here to begin Asteroid Run! (Flash - 260 Kb)


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