Future Stories

What does the future bring for the denizens of BorgSpace? No one knows for sure, not even the omniscient writer, although peering through a temporal distortion may give some clues. What follows are possible future stories; the episodes will not necessarily be written in the order presented, and likely more will be added. I also reserve the right to not write about the idea at all.

BorgSpace Book Three - Invocation of the Birds

Prologue - So begins BorgSpace Book 3!Completed 1/21/13

Part 1 - Ruffle Vulture, Dusty Pheonix - A great danger is looming for the free peoples of the galaxy, and the best chance for survival is an extinct creature known as "Borg". Completed 7/28/13

Part 2 - As the Crow Flies - The resurrected sub-collective is sent to their doom, only to find out that there may be an even greater doom awaiting. Completed 12/22/13

Part 3 - Where Chickens Dare to be Eagles - So what is this even greater doom? The caffinated horror awaits!

Part 4 - The Swan's Aria - With all the cards on the table, the Cube #347 sub-collective bravely (sort of) faces its doom...with a song...

Epilogue - So ends BorgSpace Book 3!

Assimilations, Take II

Prime Duty - So, how did the Hive get their hands on a Chief Engineer who hates all things Borg? Completed 2/13/12

Reserve Plans - Spoilers are irrelevant.

No Title Yet - Weapons - Spoilers are irrelevant.

No Title Yet - Doctor - Spoilers are irrelevant.

No Title Yet - Assimilation - Spoilers are irrelevant.

No Title Yet - Sensors - Spoilers are irrelevant.

No Title Yet - Engineer - Spoilers are irrelevant.

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