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Books, books, books. The only difference between books and the normal short stories of Star Traks: BorgSpace is length: books are generally longer than stories; and they do not necessarily occur as to have an impact in the typical "season" of writing. Anyway, this page has BorgSpace books, arranged below in the alcoves. As each part of a story is finished, it will appear in the alcove to be accessed; additionally, a text link below the alcove will be activated.

"A Fish Story", the first BorgSpace book, is a tale of fishing, of trolling the unknown depths of the universe to see what might take the hook. This is a story of the difficulty of tossing back the catch when one doesn't even really know what one is fishing for. There are some lunkers in the darkness between stars and galaxies, but sometimes the fisher becomes the bait....

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Circle of Friends | They | Tally-ho! | The One That Got Away
A Fish Story Archive

"Dark Rising", the second BorgSpace book, is a story of galactic war. The time is the not-so-distant future from Season Four, and the Collective has been forced to lobotomize itself in order to make the necessary treaties with other races to repel a deadly force invading from beyond the rim. However, Starfleet, nominal partners, is not quite ready to commit, and it is up to a certain cube to impress upon the Federation the danger which lurks in the dark. Too bad neither side has sent their best diplomats.

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Prologue | Meetings in the Dark | Dark Descending | Dark of Night | Dark Before the Dawn | Epilogue
Dark Rising Archive

"Invocation of the Birds", the third BorgSpace book, is set (to start with) a short time following the BorgSpace series finale. Act II - "As the Crow Flies" - finds the temporally resurrected Cube #347 sub-collective reluctantly on their way to confront the danger known as They. Alone. A single cube against countless enemies. As directed by the Alliance. And, so, They are confronted, but all is not as expected. It might be worse.

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Prologue | Ruffled Vulture, Dusty Phoenix | As the Crow Flies

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