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In the universe of Alan Decker's Star Traks (and its spinoffs), misfits of the Federation find themselves serving on the Secondprize, Explorer, and Banshee, or are shuffled off to Waystation at the edge of explored space. The Traks parodies follow the age-old tradition of military organizations to build omega squads and then fill them with square pegs and other inconveniences.

The Borg PR department would like all species to believe that the Borg are different...there is no such thing as an imperfect drone. The four thousand members of Exploratory-class Cube #347 (and three thousand upon Lugger-class Cube #238) would beg to differ. Forever sent on low-priority tasks, the imperfectly assimilated of the Borg empire weave their way through space, trying to become closer to the One...and failing miserably.

The third BorgSpace book - "Invocation of the Birds" - continues! Slowly! Real like happens! Regardless of the distractions, Part 2 is finally complete! And here is another couple of exclamation points!!! "As the Crow Flies" finds the temporally resurrected Cube #347 sub-collective reluctantly on their way to confront the danger known as They. Alone. A single cube against countless enemies, as ordered by the Alliance. And, so, They are confronted, but all is not as expected. It might be worse.

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No other updates to report because the BorgSpace author has been Very, very, very busy with things. And stuff. Things and stuff and junk.

Next up in the to-do list (once the book is completed) is more in the "Assimilations, Take II" series. The concept of "posting schedule" is irrelevant, but there are drafts in the works. Therefore, look to this space in, oh, a decade or two for the next BorgSpace update!

Still in the grand litterbox of life are: (1) Attempting to convert archived series into eBook format(s); (2) the BorgSpace section of the Star Traks wikipedia; (3) the long-promised forever-and-ever game; (4) the BorgSpace Project; and (5) updated Personality test. Everything will happen as it happens. It is somewhat likely that #1 (and #2 or #5) may occur in the sorta-near future. Or, maybe not. Shiny objects can be distracting, as is MineCraft.

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